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A large yard in Redlynch has recently been renovated with open spaces of grass over natural mounds. Level changes create many opportunities for kids to develop balance. Natural log and boulder edging around the garden beds and sandpit also double as balance beams. Synthetic turf areas have softfall to allow for movable climbing equipment and areas of natural grass that will grow well in the beautiful sunny Queensland.

A dedicated produce area allows education around sustainability. Paired with a rough cut table and framed mirrors, provides a space for children to ‘play house’ and learn in their own way, through play. The sandpit also has an open cubby with a blackboard to encourage imaginative play. Static play areas, like sandpits and brand new timber basket swings are covered with shade sails.

In the nursery yard we have provided textural paths with mixed surfaces, from cobblestones to brick and crazy pavers. This allows children from an early age to experience multiple textures and aid in sensory development. The colored perspex arbor changes the mood of the space, as the light moves through. Clear perspex was also framed into the fence to allow children a view into the wider world. We look forward to hearing of the change these new play features will bring to the children and educators in Redlynch.