Fountaindale Junior Yard

Sensory development is encouraged with water play. Designed to incorporate a mix of natural materials to match the surrounding rural environment of Fountaindale for 0-3 year olds dedicated junior yard.

We designed and built this project in Fountaindale dedicated to 0-3 year olds. From first concept to completed play yard it took less than 9 months!

It has been designed to incorporate a mix of natural materials to match the surrounding rural environment. Opting for natural log edging, and timber elements.

Sensory development is encouraged with water play. A water play feature with a push button tap allows toddlers direct access. A concrete channel allows interaction with water. Located beside a sandpit to allow the children control the transition from dry sand to sandcastles!

The sandpit has multiple entrances. A turf berm to allow babies to crawl in, ensuring children of all ages have access, and a secret entrance via a timber tunnel.

Featuring custom triangle cubbies dedicated to each age group. This allows different groups to enjoy quiet play. Active play has also been incorporated with a large area of softfall underlay for movable climbing and balance equipment. Ride on toys and prams can be pushed along the pathways, designed into the yard to link the various activities.

An additional yard is dedicated to produce and access to the farm next door. Utilizing under the staircase for storage. Picnic tables, worm farm and compost bins could all be additions in this space to form an outdoor classroom. Dedicated to learning about sustainability.

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