Meet Tash Geelen, our national Head of Design at Package Landscapes, with a unique journey that blends hospitality, gardening, sustainability, and a passion for drawing and art. Tash holds a Diploma of Landscape Design from Unitec in Auckland, NZ, and gained invaluable experience at Natural Habitats prior to moving to Australia, focusing on sustainable design technologies.

In her current role, Tash manages a team of Landscape Architects, excelling in both the design and business development aspects. She collaborates with her team to produce exceptional designs that align with clients’ needs, desires, and budgets. Tash works closely with the construction team, ensuring the seamless on-site delivery of the design vision of the project.

Tash lists renovations among her most enjoyable projects, where she finds joy in transforming spaces and making a positive impact on people’s lives. Since commencing with Package Landscapes over 8 years ago, Tash has developed the Design Business Unit to an advanced and fully operational capacity. With over 500 playground designs under her belt, Tash established and honed our design processes and mentored five Landscape Architects along the way. She is proud that her collaboration with the construction team has fostered an environment of trust and creativity.

Tash’s passion for gardening and plants adds a unique touch to her designs, and her playful spirit, influenced by her inner child, brings a special expertise to playgrounds.

As someone who embodies the core value of trustworthiness, Tash takes pride in creating environments that positively impact well-being.

Working at Package Landscapes allows Tash the freedom to explore and develop her skills in various directions, aligning with her beliefs and making her experience with the company incredibly rewarding.

According to Tash, our commitment to delivering on promises is what sets Package Landscapes apart. In her spare time, Tash enjoys creative pursuits such as cooking, Lego, drawing and working in the community garden she initiated. Tash Geelen is not just a Head of Design; she’s a creative force shaping landscapes and bringing joy to spaces.

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