Yarning Circle

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Circular Seating to facilitate Collaborative Learning

Designing and constructing yarning circles in outdoor play spaces provides a unique and culturally enriching environment for children. These circular seating arrangements facilitate open communication and storytelling. When designing a yarning circle, it’s important to consider natural and durable materials like stones, logs, or sustainably sourced timber, and to ensure the space is comfortable and inviting. Incorporating elements like plants, shade structures, and accessible pathways can enhance the usability and aesthetic appeal of the circle. Yarning circles promote inclusivity, respect, and active listening, fostering a sense of community and belonging among children while providing a versatile space for various educational and recreational activities.

Yarning Circle in Childcare Centre with timber and rock seating Yarning Circle Seating Nook for Early Learning Centre Outdoor Play Space Yarning Circle and bike path Yarning Circle in school playground Yarning Circle in childcare centre outdoor play space