Design Capability

We have a versatile in-house team of experienced Landscape Architects and Designers with expertise in commercial design spanning from minor renovation projects to extensive commercial developments.

Our strength lies in creative ingenuity, and we hold a deep passion for the environment. Committed to tailored solutions, we strive to transform the way children play and people live. Crafting planting schemes that elevate childcare and early learning centres, schools and other properties, and enhance the overall local experience is our forte. Our dedicated landscape design team ensures the delivery of all designs with a shared wealth of experiences and unwavering consistency.

Play Space Specialists

Whilst well-versed in all facets of landscape design, we distinguish ourselves as specialists in the creation of natural play spaces and have wide-range experience from minor playground renovations to largescale rooftops. We are passionate about children learning through play and exploration. We believe that creating natural play spaces enriches a child and allows them to prepare for the wider world as they grow. We take age-appropriate play seriously and ensure that our creations not only meet all Australian Playground safety standards, but also enhance the child’s developmental journey.

Design Consultation

Every service we offer starts with an initial consultation. Our design team employs various consultation methods to gain a comprehensive understanding of how clients, both children and adults, utilise outdoor spaces in environments such as childcare centers, school grounds, public parks, play spaces, and other commercial settings. Through active listening, keen observation and engagement in the process, we acquire local insights.

The Purpose

The insights gained during consultation guide our design work, guaranteeing that the outcomes align to the project budget, are pertinent, practical, and considerate of the individuals who will utilise the space.

The Process and inclusions

We employ a range of process options, tailored to suit the size, budget and timeline of each project. For example:

Virtual or remote Consultations – effective for initial discussions, helping clients understand the design process, explore ideas, and establish project goals where an in-person meeting is unnecessary or impractical, or prior to the commitment of an onsite meeting

Onsite Consultations – valuable for renovation projects, enabling the team to evaluate the site’s characteristics and integrate the design with the overall architecture and functionality.

Workshops for Educational or Public Spaces – involving stakeholders, such as teachers, students, or community members, are instrumental in understanding the unique requirements of educational or public landscape projects. These sessions can capture diverse perspectives and foster collaboration.

Surveys and Questionnaires for Large Scale Developments – valuable for tools for gathering input from a wide audience.

The Purpose

The primary purpose of landscape master plans is to provide a roadmap for the long-term development and management of a particular area, ensuring that it meets budgets, and functional and aesthetic goals. Master plans facilitate flexibility, ensuring that projects can evolve gradually, adapting to changing circumstances and funding availability.

Master Plans & Reports

When a client seeks to plan an entire site, before delving into detail landscape design services, we can provide Landscape Master Plans and Reports. The Plans and reports are strategic documents that outline the overall vision, design, and development of an entire outdoor space or site. These plans serve as a foundational framework for guiding future land use and design decisions. This can be done before or alongside detailed concept designs.
Master plans serve as ideal frameworks for staged projects, especially when funding becomes available incrementally or through grant applications.

The Process and inclusions

The typical process will include:

  • Detailed site analysis and possibly a survey
  • Consultation process between client and all other stakeholders
  • Preparation of plans for review
  • Implementation plan based on time and budget constraints
  • Delivery of approved plans to client in plan or report format

The Landscape Master Plan is the first step in the planning and design process. The next step involves enlisting our Concept Design services (however, this can also be done at the same time).

Concept Design

Our Concept Designs, or Detailed Designs, are typically two-dimensional drawings establishing the overall layout and positioning of individual design features and elements. Concept Designs are not working drawings for construction but allow the project to progress to detailed planning and implementation stages.

The Purpose

The Concept Design provides a visual representation, offering stakeholders a tangible preview of the proposed landscape. It facilitates further development, allowing for collaboration and refinement to ensure alignment with our client’s intent for the project.

The Process and inclusions

The typical process will include:

  • Detailed site analysis and client brief
  • A preliminary draft plan for review and feedback. This will be tailored to the size and scope of the project and could be either hand drawn or produced using rendering software. It can vary from a basic sketch to a detailed design layout identifying finishes, furniture, and planting schemes.
  • A final plan provided for sign off.
  • Upon request, our Design Team can provide a high-level cost estimate as an indicative measure of budget.
  • To progress the project to the next stage, our Design Team can seamlessly collaborate with our Estimators, providing all the detail required to produce an itemised quotation for the project’s delivery by our Construction experts.

3D Renders

If required, we can generate 3D Renders in-house, for a separate fee upon request. These highly realistic renders serve to vividly visualise every aspect of the space. They are particularly recommended in situations where there is a need to convey ideas convincingly to stakeholders or a desire to showcase the proposed design effectively online.

Existing Concept Designs

If you have an externally produced Concept Design requiring modifications or updates, we are well equipped to offer that service.

The Purpose

Landscape plans play a crucial role in the town planning approval process of a project by addressing the Council’s various compliance criteria regarding environmental, aesthetic, and functional considerations.

Landscape Plan for Town Planning or Development Approval

Many projects require Landscape Plans for Town Planning or Development Approval (DA) to be submitted to council along with architectural drawings. With extensive experience spanning many years, our Design Team possesses profound insights into the intricacies of the approval process. We are well-versed in the quality standards necessary for submissions to secure approvals on behalf of our clients.

The Process and inclusions

The typical process will include:

  • The drawings for Town Planning would include the existing Concept Design. If briefing documents have not been provided, we can create a Landscape Plan which incorporates a generic layout to satisfy Council’s requirements and convey landscape intent.
  • A complete Planting Design and Schedule will also be incorporated.
  • Basic construction details and specifications as required by Council will also be provided.
  • Frequently coordination with other consultants will be required, and our design fee includes time this this.
  • Following the submission of drawings, the Council may require the design to be modified and for this reason, we always incorporate one round of required amendments in our fee.

Documentation for Tender & Construction Services

Our in-house design capabilities extend to providing comprehensive landscape design documentation to clients to evaluate proposals accurately, compare bids, and ultimately choose a contractor whose vision aligns with their project’s goals and requirements.

Upon the selection of a qualified contractor, we can provide a variety of services throughout the construction process, all customised to meet the specific needs of our client.

The Purpose

This documentation serves as a critical tool in the tendering process, providing clarity and transparency for all involved parties and ensuring that bids are assessed on a consistent and equitable basis. With this comprehensive set of plans, clients can enlist a specialised contractor equipped with the specific construction methods, materials, and finishes essential for the successful execution of the project.

The Process and Inclusions

This process typically includes the following:

  • We prepare and provide detailed, purpose drawn, high quality CAD drafted plans which can be issued in stages for tender or construction purposes.
  • The full set of working drawings can include demolition plan, layout plan, set out plan, elevations, sections, construction methods, detailed materials and product schedules, refined cost estimates and other specialist input as required for construction purposes.
  • Attendance at Client and stakeholder meetings as required.

Additionally, we have the capacity to function as contract administrator or conduct on-site inspections during construction, addressing any queries from the contractor to guarantee the implementation of the design intent.

The Purpose

This documentation serves as a critical tool in outlining our clients’ existing or aspirational brand. It provides a comprehensive guide on the functionality and aesthetics of the playground, carefully tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Style Guide – A Blueprint for Distinctive Brands

Our design expertise can empower clients to articulate their specific needs through a document tailored to inform branding guidelines. Rooted in a profound understanding of children’s development, play, and evolving educational needs, we shape a comprehensive guideline for future use by developers and consultants. This document meticulously captures every facet of our clients’ ideal brief, reflecting a collaborative effort to encapsulate all elements and philosophies.

The Process and inclusions

This process typically includes the following:

  • Close collaboration to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client’s brand and philosophy, resulting in a detailed brief for each area.
  • A curated list of elements with accompanying imagery, specifications, and material sheets.
  • Explanations of spatial layouts, coordination details with other consultants, and specific requirements are included.
  • Sample concept plans are provided to act as a guide for other consultants.

We prioritise close collaboration with our clients, incorporating multiple revisions within our initial fee. Licensing for the imagery is included, seamlessly integrating into our clients’ brand narrative and identity.

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